We place high value in creating excellent environments for worship from the moment people walk through our doors, to the teaching of the Word of God for all who walk through our doors on a given weekend.


We strongly believe community happens in circles, not rows which is we place high value on small group environments where spiritual growth can happen in the context of friendships and shared interests. We believe that this is the best way to connect, grow, and serve while building community.

3. A1S1 or ATTEND 1 SERVE 1

The mission of VBC can only happen when people like you partner with us and step up to be the church. Grow your faith by pursuing a lifestyle of worship and regularly attending one of our weekend worship services. Serving by volunteering on a team is a great opportunity to use your time, energy, and skills to make a real difference in someone’s life. Join a team and experience the joy of knowing that God is using your life to make an eternal impact.


Growth of the kingdom will happen when we move! We encourage you to share Jesus and lead them to community.