Day 1 of 21 • This day’s reading

The theme for week one is Your First Love. What does this mean exactly? One central issue as it relates to those who have lost their first love is a shift in focus, attention, and intense love for Jesus.

Read Matthew chapter 22 and focus on verse 37.


We talked about the word consecration. Take a moment and think about what this word means to you. How does it relate to this 21-day commitment?

I want to challenge you right now to commit to moments of quiet prayer and intense focus on the Lord during this fast. Decide now where your place of prayer will be during this fast.

Take a moment and think about about your relationship with Jesus over the last year. What factors last year played a role in your relationship with Jesus being where it is today?

Are you willing to create space in each day over the next 21 days for time alone with your Savior? Are you willing to make these moments of consecration a priority? If yes, what is your plan?

Take time to reflect on why you are fasting. What issues and questions are you wrestling with as you begin this fast?


Develop a deep and intimate relationship with your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in this season of consecration. Discover the specific assignment He has for you, starting with first things first, a focus on Him and all He has done in your life.


Share what you're fasting with someone.It's important you have people around you who will encourage, motivate, challenge and hold you accountable. 

For Further Study: Psalm 42:1-3; Ecclesiastes 4:12; Luke 5:34

Day 2 of 21 • This day’s reading


Returning today to the theme of focus. Your hunger for food will start to take center stage as your physical flesh begins to send all those reminders to your brain telling you to eat, and eat NOW! But as scripture tells us, your thoughts and your focus are a choice, not a foregone conclusion.

Read Matthew 6:1-24. There is so much in this chapter that relates to the fast you are undertaking. Take time to take notes as you go, and always put a month and year next to any notes you take or verses that minister to you.


What specific verses from Matthew 6:1-24 really stood out or spoke to you?

Read Psalm 71 and note the portions that have the most meaning for you. Then take a moment to reflect on those verses.

There are many reasons to fast. What are the primary reason(s) you are fasting?


Pray and watch to see the Lord's activity in you and all around you. Take time daily to record your experiences. It will be very valuable to be able to look back days or weeks after this fast ends and remember all God said and did over this 21-day period.


Fasting  is a time to study God’s Word, meditate and pray. To help with this, plan a specific Bible passage or topic you want to study during your fast. Look for verses you want to memorize and meditate upon. Fasting by Jesus and the disciples was always accompanied by prayer. Spend time talking to God and allowing Him to reveal Himself to you in His Word.

For Further Study: Psalm 42:1-3; Ecclesiastes 4:12; Luke 5:34

Day 3 of 21 • This day’s reading

"Return to me" is the call of Joel 2:12-14. Many times in life, there are hard days, even hard seasons. We've all been there. It seems as though one bad day, one harsh criticism, or one failure can be all-consuming and cause us to look right past the many good things.

Read Matthew 6:25-34. Take time to note the specific verses that speak to you, even date it in your Bible to reflect on later.

Today, I want you to focus on gratitude. What an amazing word! We have so much to be thankful for! Did you know that your level of gratitude could have a direct effect on your attitude? What are you thankful for?

I believe that we have a choice when it comes to the way we see things. Some people are like thermometers; always alerting us when things aren't right, and constantly a victim to the "temperature" in the room ... which is never perfect. But others are more like thermostats. These people determine the temperature in the room. Their words, actions, and even their thoughts set the atmosphere. Which one are you? As a disciple of Jesus, you bring light to every room you enter. But just like the Bible passage teaches, we can hide that light or we can let it shine.


Take a moment to take inventory of all you have to be thankful for. What are the top ten things you are praising God for today?

Look back at this past year. Were you more of a thermometer or a thermostat?


Ask the Lord to search every part of you, and wait on Him in gratitude, prayer, adoration, and worship. He will speak to you if you will take the time to listen. Listen.


Day 3 is always the final day of the "big three" which means that if you can make it through the first three days...if you are fasting food, the cravings and the headaches start to subside. If you are fasting social media, you begin to realize you're not turning to your phone every time you have a free second, you can actually live without it and it's kinda nice! If you are fasting coffee (cough cough!) well...maybe dessert isn't the same and tea in your cup isn't quite the same in the mornings BUT you realize your dependence doesn't come from it and you can breathe without it.
You will find yourself able to focus more on the things that matter. 

For Further Study: Luke 6:40; 1 Peter 2:21; Isaiah 58

Day 4 of 21 • This day’s reading

Several years ago, singer and songwriter Benny Hester wrote a song When God Ran. It was a powerful song that paints a picture of a God that pursues His people. It’s taken from the story of the Prodigal Son, and a father who ran to greet the son that was once lost.

Perhaps you've never felt close to God. Or maybe you've had seasons of intimacy but you've allowed the cares of life to pull you away from that closeness with Him. Many times, when we decide to return to Him, to go back to our first love, we believe that we must span a great distance to get to where He is. We think this distance can be bridged by hard work, lots of good deeds, going to church, and a religious life. But in reality, God is never far from you.

All that is required is a simple turning back, a decision to shift your focus. A simple prayer of confession and a sincere plea for closeness and God is instantly right there.

Read Psalm 139 and focus on verses 7 and 8.


Are there times when you feel distant from God? Have you felt that way recently?

Take a moment to confess anything that needs to be confessed. Ask forgiveness and allow the Lord to show you His grace and mercy.


Take a moment to read and meditate on the following verse: “I have loved you with an everlasting love, therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness” (Jeremiah 31:3).


Remember to journal what you hear the Lord say to you. It will be of great value to you when you reflect back over the entire 21-day experience.

For Further Study: Acts 17:26-27; John 17:3; 1 John 4:16; Mt 22:37,39; Ps 45:10-11; Ps 14:2; 34:15; Song 6:5; Ps 45:10-11; Ephesians 5:31-32; Song 8:5; Isaiah 50:2; Ps 27:8

Day 5 of 21 • This day’s reading

As you begin to process this idea of returning to God, you will draw near to God and experience His presence, seeing Jesus in a much clearer way. Many times as you draw near to God, He will give you a fresh vision of Jesus. You will discover dimensions of His character and His wisdom that you didn't see before.

It's easy to have an "upward" vision of who God is; on His throne, looking out over all creation, seeing you from a distance. But you must also get an "inward" vision. Once you combine your "upward" vision of God with your "inward" vision, you can get an "outward" vision for what God has placed you on earth to do, His plan for your life.

When you begin to get a true vision of who Jesus really is, then you can begin to see Him and walk in faith. The job of the enemy is to get your eyes off Jesus and onto the conditions around you, because as long as you are looking at Jesus, the enemy knows you can do the impossible.

Read all of Ephesians chapter 6. Highlight parts that are most meaningful for you.


How would you rate your spiritual life on a scale between 1 and 10, with 1 being completely nonexistent and 10 being as good as it can possibly be?

What would it take to move that score closer to a 10?


Jesus is with you. I think the enemy does all he can to rob you of your peace, which is why it is critical in this season of fasting to allow God to give you a new vision of who He is today.


Carve out time in your day to get somewhere private and spend time with Jesus in prayer. Ask Him to give you a fresh vision of who He is.

For Further Study: 1 Peter 1:16; Acts 9:1 and 26:19; Ephesians 3:20; Hebrews 12:2

Day 6 of 21 • This day’s reading

Helen Keller was once asked, "Do you think there is anything more tragic than to be born blind?" And her answer was, "Yes. To be born with sight, but no vision." There are many people who have lost their vision. There are many people who don't know where they're going. Do you know where you are going?

If you're not careful, you will be satisfied with a touch from God that gives you vision, but not clarity about what you're supposed to do. You will find yourself asking, "Why am I here? What is God's plan for my life, and for my family? What is God's purpose for my life?"

There is something called "The Second Touch," and the key is that you become so hungry that you say, "Lord, I appreciate the first touch. I appreciate when you saved me and I appreciate when You gave me light that I've never seen before. But now I'm serving You, and I need You to touch me a second time and clarify my vision."

Read the entire story in Mark chapter 8 and focus on verses 22-26. Highlight parts that are most meaningful for you.


Think about how you would describe the concept of "a second touch" in your own words.

What does the phrase "being in the Lord's presence" mean to you personally?


Many times we go through "divine misery" before we experience "divine change." Disappointments come when people reject you or tell you "no." Don't fold up and cave in saying, "Well, the whole world is against me." Know that you're in a place where God's about to take your "divine misery" and give you a "divine change."


You are now approaching your first full week on the fast. Take a moment and reflect on your first week on the fast. Remember the theme "Return to Me" and think what that theme has meant for you personally. Take your time with this to reflect on all you have experienced this first full week. If you keep a journal, you may want to record your reflections.

For Further Study: Proverbs 29:18; John 2:6-10; Matthew 2:1-5; Genesis 2:18 and 32:24-34

Day 7 of 21 • This day’s reading

Did you know joy is your right as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ? But the enemy wants you to feel beat-up and condemned for things you have done in the past. He wants to rob you of your God-given right to joy. We all have to hide in the wounds of Calvary. We have all fallen short of the standard. We have ALL rebelled against God's authority over our life. But we are also blessed because our sins have been forgiven.

A lot of Christians don't understand the power of God's grace. They are forgiven and they are on their way to heaven, but they think they have to pay for what they did by being sad and beating up on themselves when nothing could be further from the truth. Grace wins! But until you acknowledge and accept that, you will allow the enemy to steal your joy.

Read all of Psalm 32 and Psalm 51. Remember to take note of anything that stands out to you as you read.


Where would you rate your joy on a scale between 1 and 10, with 1 being completely nonexistent and 10 being as good as it can possibly be?

What would it take to move that score closer to a 10?


If you are not full of joy, then you are not full of the Word of God. He wants you to have joy, whether you believe you deserve it or not. Psalm 16:11 says, "In His presence is fullness of joy!"


If you are fasting food, at this time in the fast, it is critical to drink plenty of liquids. Your body is purging impurities and you are beginning to burn fat at a rate your body isn't used to. Drinking lots of water helps your body eliminate these impurities.
If you chose to fast something else, you too will notice that you now begin to filer things you do and say through a "cleaner filter". Maybe certain things you watched on TV begin to seem senseless, perhaps you notice the way you spend your time is wiser, the way you see people has shifted. As we draw closer to God and remove things that take our time and focus from Him, we'll have a refined ear and heart for His voice. We'll be able to wisely discern what is pleasing and unpleasing to Him.
Whatever the case may be for you, you will begin to feel the difference in your body and mind as it begins to thrive.

For Further Study: Romans 3:23; Luke 15:20-24; Hebrews 13:5-6; Luke 15:1-10; Hebrews 10:34; Romans 8:1

Day 8 of 21 • This day’s reading

The enemy's job is to pull us away from God's house and His purposes, because he knows that if we come out from under the covering of the Father, he can take everything away from us, not only our finances, but also our reputation, our name, and our witness for Jesus. In these last days we need to have a 'made-up mind' to STAY in God's house where there is love, peace, safety, and blessing ... for our families and us.

Many times we can be faithful by our presence in God's house but unfaithful in coming fully under authority of that house, or that pastor, or even fully under our ultimate authority, Jesus Christ. On the surface we are doing all the right things, and to everyone looking on, you are all in. But you know in your own heart there are parts of you that are not fully surrendered.

The Lord would say these simple words to you: Surrender. Return to Me. There is grace. There is mercy. There is forgiveness.

Read Jeremiah 29 and focus on verses 12-14


As you think of the many different parts of your life, are there parts that are not fully yielded to the Lord?

Take a moment right where you are to get before the Lord and offer Him all of you. Then take time to just sit and listen for the voice of God. What do you hear Him saying to you?


The enemy is after more than your stuff. He wants to take your reputation and your self-respect. Just like the prodigal son lost everything, the enemy's goal is to take you out. You have to make up your mind that you're going to ENDURE!


Week 2 has begun and by now you are deep into your fasting experience. Take advantage of this time to really draw near. If you will be faithful to your daily time of prayer and worship, you will hear His voice, and many times your greatest revelation.

For Further Study: Luke 15

Day 9 of 21 • This day’s reading

We must realize God's people are protected—we are blessed! But Satan will try to sneak in with a subtle approach, undetected, and pull you out from under the covering of the blessing of the Lord. This is why it is so important to not only walk in God's ways, but to walk in community with His people. You cannot go it alone.

God will put you in a place where He can bless you, and the enemy knows that as long as you stay under the covering of the Father's house, then the enemy cannot destroy your life. When you come out from under the authority God has appointed for your life, that's when the enemy will release his attack.

Read all of Numbers 22. Highlight parts that are most meaningful for you.


Are you connected to a church in your area? Take a moment and think about your relationship, attendance, and participation in your church.

How would you rate your church experience on a scale from 1-10? A 10 signifying it meets all your needs and you truly love every single part of it, and a 1 signifying great dissatisfaction with your church.

What would it take to change your church experience to a 10, as it relates to the responsibilities of the church?

What would it take on your part to make your church experience more positive?


God has given us His Spirit, His Word, access to Him through prayer and His church. These were given as a comprehensive plan for your life.


I want to encourage you to spend quality time in prayer for your church and your church family. Ask the Lord to show you if there is an area where He wants you to get involved.

For Further Study: Ephesians 6; Hebrews 10

Day 10 of 21 • This day’s reading

Today we're taking a deeper look at returning to our first love, and discussing something many people struggle with: authority. Independence, stubbornness, and wanting to be your own boss.

A lot of people don't receive God's best because they have authority issues. We know that the original sin had to do with authority. Lucifer was in heaven, and he, along with one-third of the angels, rebelled against God and tried to overthrow Him. Satan was number two in heaven! But he wanted to be number one, and he was not willing to stay under the authority of God.

If you will remain under what God has put over you, then God will put under you the many things that you're supposed to have authority over. I want you to understand the word authority comes from the word author, and God is the author of authority.

Read all of Luke chapter 7. Take note of anything that speaks to you personally.


Rate your level of 'authority issues' with 1 being zero issues submitting to authority, and 10 meaning authority issues are the very thing keeping you from the Lord.

What would it take to move you closer to a 1?


One of the great blessings of being under authority is simply this: You have protection. You are protected as long as you are under the covering and authority of God's Word. Protected! But when you say, "I want to do what I want to do," then you have no covering. That's when the enemy will come in to kill, steal, and destroy. You are no longer in the zone of blessing.


Take time to pray today about choices you may have made that are keeping you from experiencing God's presence and power in your life. Ask the Lord to show you steps you can take to reconcile those choices.

For Further Study: Acts 3:1-8; Romans 13:1-2; Ephesians 4:11-12; Ephesians 5

Day 11 of 21 • This day’s reading

Welcome to Day 11, the official halfway point of this 21-day fast. Over the last few days we have taken long hard looks at the parts of us that keep us from returning fully to Jesus. We can declare our desire to yield fully to Him, but we must remove barriers. These walls of pride and independence must be replaced with the only thing that can make these walls fall—surrender.

Joel 2 says to rend your heart and not your garments. The rending of the clothes in scripture was an expression of extraordinary uncontrollable emotion, chiefly of grief, terror, or horror. It is not mentioned as a part of ordinary mourning throughout scripture. It was reserved for a time of deep emotional turmoil. Joel does not forbid such extreme outward behavior of repentance, as long as it is accompanied with the inward affections. Because it is what takes place on the inside, the rending of the heart, that leads to true repentance and emptying yourself of sin and love for sin. In other words, your experience with God should "cut to the heart." It should lead to a deep desire to give up everything else and follow after God with your whole heart!

Read all of Joel chapter 2, Psalm chapter 47 and Colossians chapter 3.


What’s your understanding of the phrase "rend your heart" found in Joel 2?

If Satan were to try to keep a separation between you and Jesus, where would he focus?

Knowing this is where you think you are most vulnerable, what will you do to protect yourself from this attack or deception?


There are two parts of you vying for your attention and devotion. The one you feed most will grow stronger and stronger, while the other grows weaker. Which one will you feed?


As you finish the first half of the fast, pause and give thanks to Jesus for sustaining you this far. Then take a moment and recommit to finishing the race. Feed your spirit!

For Further Study: Matthew 3; Matthew 23; 1 Timothy 6; 1 John 4:4

Day 12 of 21 • This day’s reading

Today we look at another step in the process of returning to Jesus, recommitting to daily time in God's Word. Do you spend time reading God's Word each day? Each week? Once a month? Ever? If you read the Word of God far less than you would like, there are two things that I know are true: You are not alone, and you are not receiving all the Lord has for you. To know the mind of God, you must look into His Word.

Scripture says, "Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful” (Joshua 1:8).

Read Isaiah 6 and 2 Samuel 6. Highlight parts that are most meaningful for you.


How often do you read your Bible? How often would you like to read your Bible?

What keeps you from spending time in God's Word?

Describe the Bible time plan you would like to have going forward.


Spending time in God's Word is one of the most critical pieces of your spiritual growth plan. The same way you need to have a prayer time and a prayer place, you also need a plan for your daily time in God's Word.


Take time today to really dive into the scriptures listed above and recommit to spending time in God's Word. Consider making a plan for daily time in God's Word, even if it is a small amount of time, and get started.

For Further Study: Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Psalm 119:11; Joshua 1

Day 13 of 21 • This day’s reading

Prayer, spending time in God's Word, and participating in church are three major steps in your return to Jesus. The next major step is daily times of personal worship.

The dictionary describes worship as “The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity. (The worship of God) reverence, veneration, adoration, glorification, exaltation. Show reverence and adoration for a deity; honor with religious rites.”

Our worship attracts our Father. No one can praise or worship Him for us. Our worship is special and unique to us and comes from our personal relationship with Him. But music isn't a requirement for worship. Worship is expressing 'reverence and adoration' which can be done in word AND deed without ever singing a word.

Read Isaiah 6 and 1 Peter 2. Mark the passages that speak to you personally today.


Has your understanding changed as a result of this Bible study?

Think about the ways you are going to build greater levels of worship into your daily and weekly walk with Jesus.


Worship is not singing a slow song. Worship is a lifestyle! Worship involves YOU doing something! We must live holy lifestyles.


Being grateful and worship go hand in hand. Take time today to give thanks for the many ways the Lord has blessed you. Remember to drink your water and make the main thing the main thing.

For Further Study: 2 Samuel 22; Matthew 5:7; 2 Chronicles 20:21; Exodus 25:10 and 34:33-35

Day 14 of 21 • This day’s reading

The last issue we will deal with is the issue of sin in our lives. Romans 3:23 tells us we have all fallen short. We all miss the mark, which is the technical definition of the word "sin." But sin, unconfessed sin, is probably the greatest barrier that believers face when trying to draw near to God.

God gives you every chance to repent and turn to Him. No one said a life of holiness was the easy path. Even Paul, the man who wrote over half of the New Testament, lamented about the incredible weight of sin and the struggle to make the right choices. But you need to know that there is good news: Christ paid for your sins!

There is a simple plan for your sin and it DOESN'T involve shame, guilt, or condemnation. It is as simple as confession, repentance, and forgiveness. There is nothing you can do to pay for your sin. Jesus Christ made the payment on the cross.

Read 1 John 1, and Romans chapters 7 and 8. Mark the parts that are most meaningful for you.


As we conclude the second full week of the fast, take a moment before the Lord in confession and repentance.

What new commitment are you making to the Lord below as it relates to the sin in your life?


Confession, repentance, and forgiveness are always the steps to freedom in Christ that lead to the gift of God!


As we complete the second full week of this fast, we have looked intently at the roadblocks to returning to Jesus. Take a moment and think about what you’ve discovered over the last two weeks. Do you feel like you’ve had revelation about things in your life?

For Further Study: Romans chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9


DAY 15 OF 21

This day’s reading


Welcome to week three! This is when you will start to sense that the end is closer than ever. By now, if you have faithfully committed to each day of this study, you have dealt with so many powerful principles and have spent time with the Lord eliminating many of the roadblocks the enemy throws up to keep you from returning to God in meaningful ways.

This week we begin to look at returning to your purpose and calling. You have a purpose for being here! Who are you, and why are you here?

The key to knowing who you are is knowing who God is. The people God uses are the people who are dependent on Him. The less of God you know, the more confused you become.

God has appointed you to be a life-changing person! He's going to put you in circumstances unique to you. He'll put you places He will not put your peers. As you take inventory of the many things you have experienced in your life, for good and bad, if you are open to the Lord, He will reveal clues to what He wants you to do in your future.

Read Joshua 5 and Hebrews 2. Mark parts that are most meaningful for you.


Take a moment and recall the most significant things you have experienced in your life.

Take a moment to lay your list before the Lord and allow Him to show you His plan.


We are a collection of our past experiences. If you are at a crossroads, looking for that next season of life, the answer may be found somewhere in the list of experiences you just created.


Your life experiences matter. Pray about remaining open to returning to those experiences with hands wide open.

For Further Study: Jeremiah chapter 1; Exodus 19:2-5; Hebrews chapter 4

DAY 16 OF 21

This day’s reading


A God-given vision is a powerful thing. A lot of people mistake goal setting for vision. There's nothing wrong with having goals, but a vision is not a goal that you set in your carnal mind. A true vision originates from God. It's something that God puts in your spirit. Vision is something that the Holy Spirit deposits into you and says, "This is the highest you! This is My call and My dream and My vision for your life." And it's always bigger than what you think you can do. It's always greater than your ability to perform it without the power of the Holy Spirit.

What is your vision? What is it you're believing God for? Is there something you've prayed for in secret because you couldn't work up the courage to even tell someone? I want to challenge you to believe that all things are possible.

Read 2 Corinthians 12 and Psalm 25. Remember to highlight the places that speak to you specifically today.


What makes your heart beat faster? Is there a vision the Lord has shown you?

What would you attempt if you could not fail?

Are you willing to let the Lord plant a new vision in you?

If yes, take a moment right now to pray and let the Lord know just how available you are to Him. Are you all in?


Vision is a powerful thing, and there is nothing that is impossible for God.


As you enter these final days of the fast, remember to continue to drink lots of water. These are exciting days and the Lord desires to show you His plan, and your role in that plan.

DAY 17 OF 21

This day’s reading


Proper placement in life is critically important to our effectiveness and success. God is trying to overemphasize that you don’t just go out in life anywhere you want to go, doing anything you want to do just because you feel like it. If you are a child of God, He has a plan for your life. He has a place where that plan will unfold. Many times people struggle because of their resistance to move to the next thing, or even the next place God has for them. They decide where they will live and what they will do, to their own folly. And then there are those who are quick to jump to the next best offer or financial gain.

I have seen people who were really involved and connected in their church, leave because they were offered more money if they relocated. We have to cultivate sensitivity to the voice of God in these matters. If God is calling you to a new place, many times it will be preceded by a genuine discomfort in the place where you are. Proper placement demands death to pride and sensitivity at the feet of Jesus in prayer.

Read Deuteronomy 12. Take time to take notes as you go, and always put a month and year next to any notes you take or verses that minister to you.


Do you feel you are in your proper placement in life?

If not, are you willing to bring your availability before the Lord and give Him permission to do whatever He chooses for you to do instead?


Contentment is being content in whatever circumstances you find yourself in. Yet calling, purpose, and proper placement are about completely different things. Is there discomfort in certain parts of your life? Take time before the Lord to ask Him about what you're feeling.


It is critical in these final days of the fast that you spend that much-needed time with the Lord in prayer and in the Word. Press in. You will find him!

For Further Study: 1 Kings 17:3-4; Psalm 92:13

DAY 18 OF 21

This day’s reading


If you look hard enough, you will find that there are clues to your assignment everywhere. Finding your assignment in the kingdom is critical. You are treasured. In God's eyes, you are treasured and valued. He knew you before you were in your mother's womb and He has a purpose for your life or you wouldn’t be here.

The first step in finding your assignment is understanding God can talk to you. You need to know that God is still speaking today, and He is still calling people to be a part of His kingdom purpose. He speaks through church services, through preachers, He will speak through circumstances, and through other people. And He always speaks through His Word. You've got to learn to listen and hear God's voice. That's how He puts dreams in you! He will speak to you.

Read Jeremiah chapter 1 again and 2 Timothy 2:15. Note the parts that are most meaningful for you.


Rate your confidence level in knowing your calling in Christ on a scale between 1 and 10, with 10 being "I know exactly what I am supposed to do" and 1 being “I have never thought about having a calling."

Rate your ability to hear God's voice on a scale between 1 and 10, with 10 being "loud and clear" and 1 being "never ever."

Based on today's study, what can you do to move those numbers closer to a 10?


God has a plan for your life; scripture confirms that over and over. There are clues to your assignment all around you, but your ability to see those clues will depend on your ability to hear God's voice.


Press in … He's listening. Spend time in silence and listen for the still, small voice of the living God. He will speak if you will listen.

For Further Study: 2 Timothy chapter 2:15; Psalm chapter 119; Psalm chapter 70; Psalm 1